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Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Vibrational Nature Of Music 1 by Valerie Romanoff

Music is a powerful tool, made up of energy and vibration that can be directed toward specific goals.  Music is an emotional catalyst that can be used to modify our moods. We can calibrate our energy to the vibration of select music, giving rise to the state of being of our choosing.  Everything done with intention has an inherent power, and consciously aligning with music is no exception.

There is a palpable movement in our world toward mindfulness, compassion and love.  Before we can share vibrations of peace and love, though, we need to find the inner landscape of peace and love inside ourselves. The stimulus of our daily lives (our interactions, our challenges, our worries) can create a chamber of discordant energy swirling around and through us! Maybe that's one reason we love Yoga and Meditation so much; we can focus our attention on stillness and open to the channel of goodness that flows, unseen yet constant.

All of our emotions resonate as energy waves around us, reaching other people and affecting our collective consciousness.  We may not realize that our angry feeling might land in someone else's energy field and trigger a reaction of sadness or anger within them. Or our happy feeling might bubble over and inspire a wave of positivity in the people around us.

With this kind of awareness, we can choose what kind of vibrations we bring into the world. Music carries these vibrations, and can be used to strengthen our intentions and uplift ourselves and others.

With some mindfulness, and a bit of "tuning" we can do our part to flood our space, and the greater cultural landscape, with ideas of peace, compassion and kindness. 



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