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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Music Promotion 2 - Branding Tips by Natalie Jean

Deciding on how you plan to brand yourself as an artist, is one of the most important steps to your music career. Here are the key questions you must ask yourself:

1. What is my genre of music?

2. How do I want to be perceived?

3. Am I seeking fame for my own artistry or am I willing to create for others?

4. Do I want to be an effective player in life?

5. Who is my audience? Are my songs relatable?

6. Do I demonstrate versatility?

Let’s discuss these questions:

1. What is my genre? You need to figure out who you are as an artist. What genre defines your soul? What genre moves you. Which genre depicts your music the best. Now, if someone asks me for my genre, I tell them Americana, if they want a specific genre. But because I write and perform for several genres, I simply say “I Am an Artist I Create!”

2. How do I want to be perceived? Do you want to be perceived as a fame seeker or do you want to be perceived as an artist that makes their audience feel? I think is the most important question.

3. s this just about you or would you be willing to create songs for other people? How invested are you in the music business? It is hard for artists to make money just by streams or by those that actually purchase your music. One other aspect to consider, is to create music for film and television. Creating for a catalog of music is a great resource. You never know when someone will hear one of your songs and want to record it.

4. Do you want to be an effective player in life? Do you want create music, that can help a movement or a cause? Do you want to be able to express something in music that is not being expressed? I find that there are some musicians that shy away from politics or a specific movement, because they don’t want to alienate their friends. Music has the power to heal and it has the power to create a great movement in our world. I would love to be part of the solution to our worlds problems.

5. Who is your audience? Is your music for everyone? Is it for a certain age group? My music is open for all people. My songs usually relate to personal experiences. Now, my focus will be about the world.

6. Do I demonstrate versatility? Do you have a standard way of singing? Are you willing to step outside of the box? I listen to the radio every morning. Quite frankly, it is rare that I find something, that gives me that “aha” moment. Everything seems to sound the same. Think about creating something that no one has ever heard of. I like to combine instruments you would never think of pairing for an interesting sound. Can you sing in different languages? This is not a must, but if you can do it, do it. I sing in French, English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. This ability has opened several doors for me.


These are the questions that I have asked myself countless of times. In the beginning, I wanted the fame. I loved what I saw on TV. But now that I have grown as an artist, I want to be an effective player in life, I would like to make a difference in this life. In the end, Branding is important. However, the most important thing is for you to love your own music. Don’t create or be something that you are not, that does not express who you are as an artist.



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