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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Poets Corner 2

Journey Through The Soul

Written by Emma Thacker


 Stars on the horizon

Filter through our being

The moon bathes us in this halcyon light

Galaxies swirling far beyond

So far from reach

So far from our minds

As our souls join hands


We take flight through the stars

Miles of soundless expanse

On this journey

The journey through the soul


But life, life steals with its give and take

As childhood dreams come and go

And it seems too late

The journey needs its stops and starts

Its darkness and its light

As I stare into the moonlit sky

On this cold December night


Stars on the horizon

Flicker and fade away

The moon hides behind the clouds

We are alone in space

No time to breathe

The dream becomes confusion

Souls drift

Planets off trajectory

Orbiting a volatile sun

But the sun WILL rise

The morning must come

The darkness will leave this place

And we will cease to feel numb

Although it seems too late


Life carries on here

Life is out there

Return from the black hole

On this journey

The journey through the soul


The sun sets, melting skies

The moon bathes my dreams in light

I am flying ever high

I am flying ever high

The stars sing their music

As they once sang me to sleep


I take flight

Miles of soundless expanse

Turned to ecstasy

On this heart-warming winter night

I feel hope

It will be alright

Destiny will bring me home

On this journey

The journey through the soul...


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