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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA) Winners by Jan Michael Looking Wolf

The world’s first global music initiative dedicated to players/teachers/makers of the Native American Style Flute. The heart of NASFA reflects this incredible diversity and recognizes that music is the universal language that we all share. 

“Every Native American Style Flute player, maker, and instructor deserves to be recognized for sharing the gift of this beautiful instrument.  Congratulations to Everyone! Our Breath, Hearts, and Flutes join together in UNITY.”       

Jan Michael Looking Wolf, NASFA Director

The award categories include recognition for professional type flute recording artists/performers (defined by having released music commercially for sale) and also for those players who perform at flute circles and events, made amateur videos/recordings but have not sold their music commercially.

All award categories are open to people of all ethnicities except the “North American Indigenous Flute Player” Award which requires a membership affiliation with a Tribe within North America.

We are honored to announce the WINNERS for the 2020 NASFA!  We received nearly 200 entries that literally spanned mother earth including from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Nigeria Africa, Japan, Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland! 

The field of professional recording artists Finalists includes many renowned multiple award winners from other major awards programs with up and coming performers as well.  This is a powerful moment for the Native American Style Flute Global Community as the first time in history that it has a dedicated music recognition initiative dedicated solely to its genre!

The full list of winners and recipients is below.  To listen to the awards show that was broadcast on One World Music Radio visit their website -

Special Award Recipients

The Legacy Award is the highest honor of recognition from NASFA. This award is reserved for those who make a global impact with the Native American Style Flute and leave footprints that generations to come will follow. It is with gratitude we share that R. Carlos Nakai is the first recipient.  Moving forward the award shall be named the “R. Carlos Nakai Legacy Award” which he will select future recipients.  Visit the NASFA site to read more about Mr. Nakai and his incredible legacy. 

The NASFA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes players/instructors/flutemakers who by dedicating much of their life to the path of the Native American Style Flute have made a notable positive impact to the genre. In addition to the award itself, recipients are permanently posted on the NASFA site to honor their remarkable contributions.  We are pleased to share that Randy McGinnis is the first recipient of this honor. 

NASFA One Heart Award is a special recognition for an outstanding contribution to the Native American Style Flute Community that has made a broad, lasting positive impact.  It is an honor to share that Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, Executive Director of the World Flute Society is the first recipient of the One Heart Award.  To learn more about her and WFS, visit

The Announcement of Winners!


These categories are created for Native American Style Flute Players who have released music or media commercially for sale that is available during the entry period.  Meaning, no restrictions of original release dates (prior years releases are also eligible). 

Flutist of the Year –  Over-all award for Best Native American Style Flute recording artist of the year. 

WINNER - Jonny Lipford

Bearheart Kokopelli 

Douglas Blue Feather

Holly Red Feather Harris (Painted Raven) 

Jack Flute Holland (Crazy Flute)

Joseph L Young

Ryan “Little Eagle” Molina

Scott “Golana” Cunningham

Suzanne Teng

Timothy J.P. Gomez

Album of the Year - Best full length commercially released recording (must have a minimum of 10 tracks or 35 minutes of content).

WINNER - Autumn Monsoon by Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy

Breath of Life by Ken McGarity 

Ethereum by Joseph L. Young

Flutin Around by Thomas Green 

Good Medicine by Dail Dragonfly Martin 

Home by Chris Gurniak 

Migration by Jonny Lipford

Native Earth by Ron Korb

Shoot for the Moon by Rona Yellow Robe

Wonders Of The World Before Civilization by Bob Wild Deer 

Duo/Group of the Year –  Best NASF commercial recording group with two or more artists.

WINNER - Painted Raven (Annette Abbondanza and Holly Red Feather Harris)

Bernard Wolfsheart and Robert Horak 

Crazy Flute (Jack Flute Holland and Keith Professor Talley)

Frank Ravenwolf Henninger and Lou Boden 

Heartwood Band (Celine Daly, Julie Harris, Al Harris, Maxwell Kofi Donkor, Chuck Trella, Theresa Trella)  

Huron River Flute Circle (Harold Chambers, John and Karen Keane, Karen Burr Kawennano':ron, Linda Osgood, Randy French, Seth Gore, Steve Nelson, Susan Forgie)

Rona Yellow Robe and Bruce Witham

Sherrie Davis and Tony Garcia 

Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy 

Windwalker and the MCW

 Best Producer - For a full length commercial recording with the NASF as the primary instrument.

WINNER - Bruce Turgon, Freedoms Hope (Randy McGinnis)

Bernhard Mikuskovics, Vision Quest (Bearheart Kokopelli)

Bruce Witham and Rona Yellow Robe, Shoot for the Moon  (Rona Yellow Robe)

Ken McGarity, Breath of Life (Ken McGarity) 

Omani Nagi and Allen Burns, Native! (Omani Nagi)

Philip Mantoine and Joanne Lazarro, Under the Stars (Joanne Lazarro) 

Randy Granger, A Place Called Peace (Randy Granger)

Sherrie Davis, The Journey Home (Sherrie Davis) 

Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy, Autumn Monsoon (Suzanne Teng) 

Timothy J.P. Gomez, The Silence Between (Timothy J.P. Gomez)  

Music Video of the Year –  A music video with music (live performance or pre-corded) that centers on the Native American Style Flute.

WINNER - Timothy J.P. Gomez

A New Dawn -

Chris Gurniak 

Home - 

Douglas Blue Feather

Ascension -

Jonny Lipford

“Hello” -

Joseph L Young

Midnight Wanderer -   

Mark Akixa 

The Romantic Exchange Song In The Woods - 

Painted Raven 

Lady of the Lake - 

Randy Granger

Ghost Dancers -

Renaud Schmitt

Believe in Yourself -

Thomas Green 

A Cry for the Ancients - 

Tommy Graven

Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain - 

New Age Recording - Best full length commercially released recording that includes ambient music that primarily features the Native American Style Flute.

WINNER - Ascension by Douglas Blue Feather

All My Relations by Mark Akixa 

Bird in the Sun by Peggy Braun (Chilaili Wachiwa)

C.H.A.D. by TerryLee WHETSTONe 

Goin Home by Michael Searching Bear 

Star Brite by Crazy Flute (Jack Flute Holland and Keith Professor Talley)

Open Sky by Ancient Voices (David Rose and Dan Kennedy)

Ravenwolf 2 by Frank Ravenwolf Henninger 

Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli 

Watopeka Lapremiere Ascension by Patrick Therrien (Nia Skweda Sibosimis)  

Best Song Solo Flute – For a song recorded and commercially released with the NASF as the only musical instrument.

WINNER - Evenings Lullaby by Jack “Flute” Holland of Crazy Flute

Condor by Joanne Lazzaro 

Days in the Sun by Zach Farley 

God’s Glory by Russ Jones 

Heart to Heart by Susan Forgie and Karen Burr

My Soul Takes Eagle Wings by Ken Noland 

Peggy’s Cove by Jamie Empert 

Farewell by Twinfeathers

The Silence Between by Timothy J.P. Gomez

Thunder Sky by Sherrie Davis

Best Song Contemporary Flute – For a single recorded and commercially released that contains accompaniment such as guitar, piano, drums, etc. 

WINNER - Blue Lizard by Joseph L Young

3 Horses by Matthew J Thoma 

Creation Winds by Julie Harris and Celine Daly

Lands of Spirits by Renaud Schmitt

Magic Arrow by Ron Korb

Masked Abis by Jonny Lipford

Medicine of the Shaman by Steven Newton 

Naked Coffee by Rae Flute Lady Dent 

Windwalker by Stephen Twohawks Reed 

Willow’s Breath by Omani Nagi  

Spiritual/Inspirational Recording –  A commercially released recording (album or single) that’s style and purpose reflect the healing/spiritual aspects of the NASF. Can be any musical style.

WINNER - All Life Springs from Water by Bernard Wolfsheart

Caterpillar & Butterfly by Rona Yellow Robe

C.H.A.D. by TerryLee WHETSTONe 

Heart Space by Twinfeathers

Go Tell it on the Mountain by Stephen Twohawks Reed 

Lost Warrior by Douglas Thunder Horse Goldsmith 

Phoenix Rising by Omani Nagi

Standing Circles by Steven Newton 

Stones of Transformation by Frank Ravenwolf Henninger 

Underwater Secret by Renaud Schmitt

Shinning Star – Outstanding NASF Performance on a full-length album, single or music video commercially released. 


Ancient Voices (David Rose and Dan Kennedy) for Open Sky

Bearheart Kokopelli for Vision Quest

Dail Dragonfly Martin for Good Medicine

Huron River Flute Circle for Strengthening the Circle (Harold Chambers, John and Karen Keane, Karen Burr Kawennano':ron, Linda Osgood, Randy French, Seth Gore, Steve Nelson, Susan Forgie)

Twinfeathers for The Nature of Love

 Scott “Golana” Cunningham for Moon of First Snow

Sherrie Davis for The Journey Home

TerryLee WHETSTONe for C.H.A.D.

Tommy Graven for Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain 


Indigenous Flute Player of the Year that is a member/descendent of a Tribe within North America.

WINNER - Rona Yellow Robe, First Nation Cree/Chippewa Cree/Rocky Boy, Montana

Arnold Richardson (Tsa’ne Do’se), Saponi/Tuscarora/Iroquois

Gaby Nagel, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Karen Burr (Kawennano’:ron), Mohawks Bay of Quinte 

Matthew J. Thoma, Seneca Nation 

Michael Searching Bear, Eastern Cherokee Wolf Clan 

Patrick Therrien (Nia Skweda Sibosimis), Communauté Autochtone Sherbrooke Kitné 081 

Sherrie Davis, Cherokee

Terry Filer, Osage Nation 

Travis Terry, Gila River Pima Nation

Windwalker Dorn, Mic Mac, Cherokee, Lenape 


This category recognizes excellence in the area of Native American Style Flute instruction.

Instructor of the Year – For over-all outstanding NASF Instructor.  

WINNER - Jonny Lipford -

Bevani - 

Carolin Nobles - 

Helen’s Willow Wind - Jonah Mulski - 

Kalani Das - 

Keith Davis “Old Man Yow” - 

Randy Granger -

William “Bill” Hughes –


These award categories are for flute players who have not released Native American Style Flute music commercially for sale. 

Male Flute Player – Outstanding male player who has not commercially released recordings.  

WINNER - George “Screaming Eagle” Torres, United States

Alan Fox, United States 

Carlos Garcia, Argentina

Eric Hart, United States

Dave Merrick, United Kingdom 

Elvis Odemerejo, Nigeria 

Khalid Abdul Qadir, Saudi Arabia

Guatibiri Aianhura Escudero, Puerto Rico 

Klaus Schimmer, Germany 

Raven Wolf, United States

 Female Flute Player – Outstanding female player who has not commercially released recordings.  

WINNER - Gaby Nagel, United States

Catherine Ing, United States

Helen’s Willow Wind, United States

Ley Arka Weisse Feder (Sabine Blaser), Switzerland

Lori Sandall, United States 

Patricia Bay, United States

Payton Trimmer, United States

Sara Marvin, United States 

Silvia Blaser, Switzerland 

Terry Filer, United States

Best Song – For songs that are not released commercially for sale.  

WINNER - Slowly by Ley Arka Weisse Feder (Sabine Blaser), Switzerland

Breath of the Pines by Sara Marvin, United States

Brother Wolf by Eric Hart, United States 

Canyon Call by Silvia Blaser, Switzerland 

Farewell to the River by Helen’s Willow Wind, United States

Primal Serenity by Raven Wolf, United States 

Reach for the Sky by Catherine Ing, United States

Red Star Woman by George “Screaming Eagle” Torres

Terramadre, Silvia Blaser, Switzerland

Wild Forest by Gaby Nagel

Best Amateur Video Music Video from a non-commercial NASF player. Can be live or video with prerecorded music.

 WINNER - Guatibiri Aianhura Escudero, Puerto Rico 

   Sounds of Peace  -

Nik Valmas, Scotland 

   Flute Meditation - 

Omar Ahmadzai, Costa Rica 

   Shamatic Meditation - 

Payton Trimmer

   “My Freedom” (FB Video)  3A1782685513%3A1580753638

Sacred Breath - For inspiring others and promoting healing with the Native American Style Flute. 


Alby Thoumsin, United States

Catherine Ing, United States

Dave Merrick, United Kingdom 

Elvis Odemerejo, Nigeria 

Omar Ahmadzai, Costa Rica 

Patricia Bay, United States

Payton Trimmer, United States

Raven Wolf, United States

Silvia Blaser, Switzerland 

Stephanie Walen, United States

Terry Filer, United States


This award category is open to all players of the flute, both professional and non-professional. Keeping with indigenous tradition, it is healing to honor those who share their hearts for others. The Soaring Eagle Award is a beautiful way to acknowledge players who volunteer to play their Native American Style Flute for non-profit type venues and events such as nursing homes, hospices, fundraisers for charities etc. Congratulations and Many thanks to this year’s beautiful recipients!

The Recipients of the Soaring Eagle Award are:-

 Aka Sato, Japan

Alan Fox, USA

Arnold Richardson / Tsa'ne Do'se, USA

Bernhard Wolfsheart Weilguni, Austria

Catherine Ing, USA

Clint and Vera Goss, USA

Daphin’e Caron, France

Dave Merrick, USA

Ellen L. Saunders, USA

Eric Hart, USA

Elvis Odemerejo, Nigeria

George “Screaming Eagle” Torres, USA

Guatibiri Aianhura Escudero, Puerto Rico

Hawk Henries, USA

Helen’s Willow Wind, USA

Jacinto Hernandez, Mexico

Jay Michael, USA

John Deboer, USA                                                   

Ken Noland,USA

Lena Smirnov, Russia

Lori Sandall, USA

Liz Brady, USA

Marcella Selwyn, USA

Michael Carreras, USA

Paulo Silva, Brazil

Mao Li Zhang, China

Michael Simons, USA

Patricia Bay, USA

Paul and Sharon Surhoff, USA

Peggy Brawn / Chilaili Wachiwa, USA

Randy Granger, USA

Randy “Windtalker” Motz, USA

Remon Mohammed Alimon, Saudi Arabia

Rona Yellow Robe, USA

Sara Trask Marvin, USA

Sherrie Davis, USA

Taziano Rosso, Italy

Terry Filer, USA


Tommy Graven, USA

Tom Brown, Canada

    Twinfeathers, USA

    William "Bill" Hughes, USA

    Zach Farley, USA


It is good to recognize those who contribute to the beautiful path of the Native American Style Flute. Without the makers sharing their gift, the music that we know today would not be possible. To visit the “Flute maker Hall of Honors” with names and links for hundreds of flute makers go to:-


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