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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Belief In Yourself! by Rosie Hamilton McGinty


· Feeling restless, unfulfilled and feeling stuck in your life

· Time for change

· Find your Purpose

· Time to take ‘responsibility’ which gives personal choice and the ability to respond and action accordingly to new opportunities.


Change in necessary to move into new levels of thinking and action

· Change fearful thoughts to successful opportunities

· Step out into ‘uncertainty’, where opportunity and success are found 

Self- Belief

Taking responsibility, embracing change will improve self-esteem and confidence levels to tackle greater challenges, stretch yourself beyond limiting beliefs that hold you back from progressing.

Negative Attitudes

Negative attitudes can be adopted from others and are not necessarily your own. A negative attitude can affect your thinking and create fear in taking chances. Learn to be aware of how others’ energy affects you in your personal choice and decisions. Learn to mix with others who have similar energy and who share your values for success. This can be a challenge for you – but become aware of how others can hold us back.

 Mindfulness - Learn to Live in the Now

Become mindful of living in the present moment and not dwell on past negative events. Being fully engaged in the ‘now’ we become more aware of the opportunities that present themselves in the moment to consider and act on accordingly.

Some Self-Belief tips

· Do not compare yourself to others, you are a unique individual with your own purpose, talents and skills

· Learn to take and embrace ‘responsibility’ for the life you have created to date 

· Learn to accept and embrace changes. This means stepping out of your comfort zone, that keeps you stuck in life, and move into ‘uncertainty’. The new level of thinking will improve your confidence and self-belief

· Know and understand yourself, your emotions and how they impact your decisions

· Listen to others opinions but follow your own thoughts and feelings

· Learn to be appreciative and grateful for all you have in your life

· Believe in yourself and your capabilities 100%

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