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Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Prescription is Music 1 by Darlene Koldenhoven

By Darlene Koldenhoven, M.M.V., B.M.Ed., APP, NLP, GRAMMY,® Indie Music Hall of Fame

Music heals the mind, body, and spirit. Research tells us, healing with sound has an effect on our brain, emotions, health, even changing our DNA, and can penetrate us in a way that no other modality can. Music, or organized sound, transports us on many levels and the most potent happens to be your favorite music and your own voice. In my own sonic therapy practice, I’ve seen subtle to very dramatic changes in my clients and in myself. 

There are many forms of sound healing that we will get into in upcoming articles including interviews with some of the most prominent sound healers. For those not familiar with sound healing or sonic therapy, as I like to call it, the idea that music has this much “power” may be new to you, but we do have research to back up the anecdotal evidence that it can work. That said, more scientific research would be wonderful.


You may ask, “How does it work?” Simply put, there are basically 4 elements required for healing with sonic therapy. They are vibration, frequency, resonance, and intention. Regarding intention, one is aided greatly (although not necessary) with a belief in his/her own power to allow the healing to happen. Sometimes, a conscious change in a belief system is required and that is a difficult task. Or, it may happen naturally when one gets a certain diagnosis or traumatic incident occurs. After overcoming the initial “shock of change,” where does a person turn to find the healing modality right for them?

As in all healing, change begins with the self, aided by holistic and/or traditional medicine. To use a musical metaphor here, sonic therapy relates to how the ear is the conductor of the personal symphony of your brain and body. Some types of sonic therapy range from a simple, pure sound of a single instrument or voice; to purposely programmed, slow moving, beautiful new age music; to quartz or metal, tuned, singing bowls and tuning forks; to binaural beat CDs; to APP or Audio-Psycho-Phonology listening. Each one, or combination thereof, has its own place in the healing dynamic and it is all based on the power of a universal vibration system.

Sonic therapy works for a variety of reasons. Everything is vibration. From each planet to each atom, everything vibrates and therefore, has a frequency, within or without of our own hearing range – widely, about 20Hz to 20,000. Within that range, we have the conscious choice of listening, different from hearing – a naturally occurring self-survival mechanism.

When listening to music or sounds or making music, sound vibration does have its physiological/psychological effects, regardless of whether we believe it or not. But when we become aware of our sonic surroundings and take part in our own healing process, we receive a profound, long lasting healing. In the meantime, be conscious of what goes in your ears and what you are putting in the ears of others.

As we travel down the road of sound healing over the next few months, we will take a deep dive into better understand the various aspects of it, from the esoteric to the mundane. After all, some form of sound healing has been around for thousands of years. We’ll learn past and present methods of how to use sound and music to improve our lives and lives of others. Let’s make this world a sonically happy place!

Darlene Koldenhoven, M.M.V, B.M.Ed, NLP, iLs-APP. Grammy Winner & 3-time nominee, Indie Music Hall of Fame Inductee. Several multi-award winning, #1 New Age albums, some played in hospitals/hospices nationwide. Author, “Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind’s Musical Ear.” International speaker on music education and sonic therapy. Private practice in voice and sonic therapy; in person or remotely. 

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