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Sunday, 12 July 2020

In Review 1 by Steve Sheppard

The amount of music that passes across my desk each day is phenomenal, and it must be said, ones of multiple genres too. So I have to constantly switch off my brain, defrag it, re boot and start all over each time, thus giving each and every album a true honest, and full listen. Now I have heard stories about some reviewers who just listen to a few minutes of an album and create a review, I would never insult the artist by doing such a heinous thing; after all, we are all artists aren’t we? Musicians deserve to have all of their work listened to, and us writers love to have each word caressed by the readers mind.

I usually play each album at least two to three times in full before I even begin to write about it, I like to not only hear the music, but I also like to literally feel it, to allow it into my life, my psyche, so that I can in a little way understand it better.

With this being said I would like to draw to your attention to some of the albums and tracks that have truly moved me so far this year, in this edition, so let’s start with Joseph Nimoh and his album Conversations on Piano.

From this chilled offering the composition Beautiful Melody, took me back to 2010 and Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, where I sat for some seven hours waiting for my plane home and listening to a piano being played in the large bar area, that seemed to have a similar resonance to this track, smooth, a little jazzy, but timeless to listen to, hearing this took me back to that time of great change for me, a moment of emotive reflection and thanks to the work of Joseph it still resonated with me to this day.

Back in the mid to late 70’s I came across a musician that most people will know called Vangelis, his arrangements and compositions are still a thing of utter pleasure today, but I think I may have found the female equivalent of the great man in musician Kerani.  The Belgium born composer is a naturally talented artist, she paints with a musical colour in a way that is incredibly rare and precious and with the release of Small Treasures, she manifested a musical portrait that was utterly sublime especially my personal favourite track Fields of Hungary.

On this piece Kerani wanted to give us a flavour of the culture of Hungry, which is where my next door neighbours come from. I must play them this and see what they say. In my view, the artist has created a soundtrack of a composition here, one that is absolutely glorious; the exciting crescendos only add to the supreme brilliance of the piece.

On this first In Review I would like to offer up some other noteworthy collections of classy music that have crossed my path, ones that deserve a tip of the hat and they are, Calanais, which saw the return of Lissa-Kathe to our fold, Eclectic by Graeme Drum, an album that contains a wonderful fluent world ethic and a powerful global vibrancy and finally Seay for her A Winter Blessing – The Gift album, a release that contained a song that should be the anthem of the planet in All Around The World. Well thanks for reading In Review and I will be back in the next edition with some more selections

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