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Sunday, 12 July 2020

How to bring out the Best in People with Self Awareness Coaching by Rosie Hamilton McGinty

Rosie Hamilton-McGinty is the author of A Winning Attitude Book and Founder of the A Winning Attitude Training and Coaching Program.



Since writing and publishing the book it has been my personal mission to reach as many individuals, through my training and coaching program. People who have lost their purpose, feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their in life.

They cannot work out why they feel something is missing. They have all the material trappings that make for a comfortable lifestyle but just know that something is missing and that’s when they start the search for the missing pieces of the puzzle. This search can take weeks, months or even years; it depends on the level of spiritual awareness of the individual. I believe we all incarnate on different spiritual levels and born into a specific group of people that support us and when we need it on our spiritual pathway. This can be family members, colleagues and friends. The help and assistance will be there and when you least expect it they will show up.

Moving forward

Once people start to embrace there is a bigger picture at work in life and open up to self-discovery and self-awareness they realise that life does has a plan for them, and that they were born significant and special with talents and abilities to rise to the top in any chosen career.  The first step is to start believing in yourself. You are significant and you do have capabilities as a person to stand out and shine in any area of life you choose to undertake. From this standpoint of personal power a new self-confidence will immerge to carry you forward into new levels of who you are.

Self-Awareness Numerology

I belief we have many lifetimes and each lifetime we incarnate we come in with very specific areas of the personality and soul to develop. I believe we choose our gender and we choose our parents and time and date of birth. The name given to us by our parents is not an accident of fate but a name that includes all the necessary letters for you to fulfil your purpose this lifetime.

This belief extends to us having lived many lifetimes in different historical periods and experienced lives in other cultures around the world.

We are all Energy

Everything on Earth vibrates as an energy.  If our own personal energy/vibration is in harmony with those around us, we feel content and able to function as fulfilled human beings.  When we are born we are given a name, chosen by our parents. The name given is not an accident of fate; it is a name that includes the vibrations necessary for you to fulfil your life’s purpose.

Although the name is chosen by your parents, it is not chosen at random.  Your parents are influenced by higher forces to give you an appropriate name with each letter responsible for its own unique energy/vibration. In effect, each letter in your birth name can be converted to a number ranging from 1 to 9.  Each letter affects the other and the total sum affects the person as a whole. From the numerical equivalent to each letter in your name and the sum total of your letters using various formulae, we can ascertain a great deal about your personality, life path, soul urge, karmic lessons, debts and Pinnacle periods throughout your life.

The A Winning Attitude Program of Training and Coaching will assist individuals to understand themselves and their lives better, their character, attitudes and even their personality. To learn to take responsibility for personal behaviour and actions and to positively shift them into new levels of thinking that embraces personal growth. And when you combine this new approach with a positive mental attitude this will then bring positive change to a person’s life.


“Quote” The first commandment ‘Know Thyself’ Harvard Business School


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