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Sunday, 12 July 2020

In Review 3 - 2019 In Review by Steve Sheppard

This last year has been one of the most prolific that I can remember, maybe I am biased about this, but I believe it too be true, and I think I can be back up by the following mentions to the classic musical works of genius I am about to mention. The care and attention to detail and the sheer love of what the artist is creating has been more obvious this year than any other.

The first one that springs to mind is Red Sky Prairie by pianist Sharon Fendrich, I first met Sharon after a David Lanz workshop here in Cyprus, and I believed that one day sitting opposite me would be a number one artist, she had a certain passion and determination that was undeniable, so it came as no surprise to me just a few months ago to see this album sit atop of the stack as the number one album on the charts.

What perhaps surprised me more was the amazing quality and production of the release, it was also her debut album, her offering grabbed everyone’s attention, many presenters featured her work on shows, and she has indeed become an instant hit with the listeners, I can only imagine what 2020 maybe bring for her.

Now some will now of my love of Rock music and of course I have a show on One World Music Radio called Alien Nation, could you imagine my surprise, an extremely happy one I may add, when no other than Randy Copus, yes that’s right, of 2002, contacted me and wanted to sponsor the show, as his rock personality was about to set free within the band 7, and their latest album Time Will Tell.

This was a truly impressive release, one that showed Randy’s love of rock and his amazing ability to be literally brilliant at anything he touches, the album is a mixture of 90’s Rush and Yes, but with their own musical signature too, and there isn’t a weak track off the release. It was a real pleasure to listen to this album and to find out that there are many other secret rockers that lay dormant within our new age music industry as well.

Finally my third mention must go to Crystalline Dream, aka Richard Ross, he manifested the album Seventh Chakra just a few months ago, I was fascinated being a Reiki Teacher just what this album would sound like and what sort of energetic feel I would personally get from it, thankfully I was very pleasantly surprised. Richard had been flirting within the higher echelons of the charts with his albums over the years, but never quite made it to the top, Seventh Chakra would put a stop to that, its fluent tones, it’s pristine production quality and it’s quite delightful compositions won over just about everyone, listeners loved it and Richards Crystalline Dream became a reality, as he finally topped the charts with the release.

So to sum up this article as we draw 2019 to a close, very memorable mentions must go to no other than Andy Rogers for his debut album with the label MG Music, The White Piano was exceptional and also reached number one slot, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.  In the latter half of the year electronic musician Andrew Kinsella released Cosmic Dawn 2: Starchild, this release is off the scale its beauty and its arrangements are outstanding, Andrew in my view has turned the corner with this album and I expect big things of him on future releases, he has the skill, talent and an ear for creating moments of electronic musical magic.

Believe me, there were many more I could have mentioned, but even I have only a limited amount of space with which to write this article, so I will leave you to the music now, but enjoy your holiday season and let it flourish with wonderful compositions that raise your energy and bring you happiness, I will see you all again in the new year.

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