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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Peaceful Music As A Tool by Valerie Romanoff


In the midst of all the news about the health emergency in our world, I've been happy to hear many comments about "emotional well-being." Yes, Body-Mind-Spirit, we have to tend to all of it! My niche all these years has been personal transformation and the inner journey, using music and other practices to expand and enhance our lives, especially while disconcerting events swirl around us.

Being relaxed and peaceful, at least for a small part of each day, is so beneficial to our well-being. That's why yoga and meditation are so popular. When we slow down, breathing "the breath of life" into our bodies, we release negative energy and restore our system to a natural center. Sitting and breathing reverses many effects of stress, and increases our feeling of peace.

In a quiet space of receptivity, we open to inner wisdom and higher ideals. In this place we might strengthen our own spiritual connection and find deeper meaning.  Focusing on our breath, listening to peaceful music or experiencing a guided meditation are all great tools for finding inner stillness. Focusing on things we are grateful for is a powerful way to attract more positivity.

Even in the midst of turbulence, fear and uncertainty, a strong inner connection can empower us to more effectively riding the waves of life.

The most important thing about meditating is that there is no getting it wrong. In fact, the "practice" is largely about continuing to turn our minds back to stillness. Each time we feel our mind wandering, we can gently turn it back to the point of focus (either our breath, mantra, music or sound, etc.). Just that one practice alone can bring enormous benefit to our lives and strengthen the way we deal with challenges.

I like meditating to music (which is likely why I compose and produce albums for meditation!), I also value listening to guided meditations, and sometimes, a quiet breath meditation is just the thing. Giving ourselves a few quiet moments each day to disengaging from the busy outer world, increases our happiness and sense of peace.

Different genres of music help us at different times. I like to create a full spectrum of music- STILL -  Music for meditation, CHILL - Music for activation, THRILL - Music for Celebration.  Now more than ever, we need techniques to soothe our spirits, expand our hearts, manifest our deepest desires. Music continues to be one of the most powerful and uplifting forces available to us; whether the sounds in nature or the music that we compose and perform.

If there's ever a time to use the healing properties of peaceful music to soothe our spirit, this is one!  We can align and calibrate our energy to more peaceful frequencies, helping us relax and let go of fear and tension, opening the channel for an increased stream of well-being.

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