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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Poets Corner 1


Written by Emma Thaker inspired by the works of Paul Sills


I walk through this place

My head in the clouds

My past is behind me

I've been walking for hours

Where am I?

What lies beyond?

I can't find the path

Where do I belong?

Where do I belong?


And as I burst forth

Through the veil of fog and tears

It flashes past my eyes

The remnants of years

Years passed

And years came

As I see it all here

Again and again...


But I still cannot see

The path in front of me...


A spark of warmth

And memories of summer sun

Wash away sad goodbyes

The place from where I have come

And I know

I know

The truth becomes clear


Pearlescent orbs of light

Filter past my perception

Past reality

I feel so light

I skim the gossamer ground

White light all around



And I see



I become whole

Joining with infinity

Enveloped in this love

Bathed in this light

No more confusion

Or reasons to fight


A ball of fire

Spreads outward ever onward

Engulfing my being

Glowing and sending out

Cinders of love

To the world below

And I know

Yes I know

It is my time to go.


Pull me forward

And as I depart

You will always have me

Right there in your heart

You can keep the best of me

Remember me too

For I will be there forever

Always part of you


I glide through this place

I am part of the clouds

Past present and futre

Days minutes and hours

Where am I?

What lies beyond?

Wait and you will find me

One day on your journey

I will sing you this song



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