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Thursday, 15 October 2020

What about the Microwave? by Emma Thacker


What about the Microwave?
by Emma Thacker

There was a young man
And he was called Dave
He had an old friend
Who was a microwave.
Though he pinged a lot
He was well behaved
And his best friend Blender
Lived in a cave.

The cave was wonderful 
Warm and bright
Although there was really
No sign of a light.
There was a young man
Who said he just might
Steal poor old Blender
And ask for a fight!

But Dave came along
And stole the man's glove
So that he couldn't fight,
He was so much in love 
As the Blender took on
A most voluptuous form
And cradled the glove
The young man had worn.

Blender took his mate
Along to his cave
And in the glare of the dark
He most solemnly gave
The promise of love 
And a garden to pave
As long as the best man
Could always be Dave!

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