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Sunday, 8 November 2020

In Review: the Singles by Steve Sheppard


In Review: the Singles by Steve Sheppard


Single compositions in most genres is now the way forward; I am so grateful we embraced this new culture of singles by creating the one and only, as far as I know, top 50 chart for the new age genre of music quite a while back, on One World Music Radio.

So I thought for this edition of In Review we would take a brief look at a few singles that have graced my path recently, and highlight them in a way that they really most certainly need to be highlighted.

We start this singular journey off with the latest offering from pianist Tim Neumark, who to be honest has been producing some very memorable tunes lately, and this is another one to enjoy, it may be short form at just under two minutes, but his performance is warm, one of those compositions that leaves you with a smile on your face at its conclusion, and called Eternity (Improv in B-Flat Major).

Going from one style and length of arrangement to another, we take a listen to the latest piece from flautist Bearheart Kokopelli and his seven minute single entitled Walk in Beauty. This is special, it’s multi-instrumental in flavour, with a percussive beat that is addictive enough to make you move your body; this light and happy composition is one of those that will brighten your day with ease.

So from Native American styled flute, we move to a touch of sexy and sultry Latin guitar from Victor Samalot. His latest single is called La Chica Bonita and it is the closest you can get to an instrumental acoustic styled Santana arrangement. Having said that, there is a really nice electric riff contained within that is superb, I mean what is their not to love about this vibrant and cheer filled song, perfect for sipping Sangria and long days on the beach, and of course so smooth!

So singles are here and here to stay and I shall look at a three more in my next article too, as well as music that has been inspired by the current pandemic and trust me that subject has spawned some amazing classics to enjoy in the years ahead.

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  1. Fab article Steve!!
    Yes, I think singles are great too.
    I love reading your reviews, and how you easily sum up the atmosphere straight away!! Genius!!!